• After-sales Service Procedures of Shenzhen KPD Electronics Co., Ltd

    1.After-sales issues: When clients have any questions or experience any problems pertaining to the use of our product(s) after purchasing such product(s), clients are advised to contact their business agent directly, provide accurate and detailed feedback regarding the use of the product(s), and report the after-sales issues in a true and thorough manner. Our agents will assess the feedback information as provided by clients and complete the “Client Complaint Feedback Form".

    2.Return of non-compliance product(s): In case of such non-compliance pertaining to the use of our product(s), clients are advised to communicate with our agents directly before returning such non-compliance product(s) in use to our Sales Department. Such non-compliance product(s) will be transferred to our Engineering Department and Quality Control Department for further testing and analysis.

    3.Testing of non-compliance product(s): Sales agents of the Sales Department will hand over the non-compliance product(s) returned by clients to the Engineering Department and the Quality Control Department. These two departments will conduct specialized tests over such non-compliance product(s), collect testing data, and analyze the causes along with those in non-compliance as reported by clients.

    4. Analysis of non-compliance cause(s): Through analysis, our Quality Control Department will determine whether such complaint is valid. To address such complaint, our Quality Control Department will issue a formal “Product Quality Analysis Report” whereby containing solutions to address such non-compliance.

    5. Settlement(s): In case of non-compliance caused by our product(s), we will provide the effective solution(s) to address such non-compliance. In case our analysis determines our products are free from such non-compliance, we will use our best efforts to assist clients in identifying other possible causes of such non-compliance. Wherever necessary, we will assign our colleagues from the Engineering Department to assist client in an on-site inspection and testing to identify and resolve the causes of such non-compliance.

    Should you have any questions regarding the product(s) purchased from us, please directly contact your agent. Thank you for supporting our product(s). You may contact us by any of the following means:
    1.Click “QQ After-sales Inquiries” on the right side of the website for direct and instant online after-sales consultation.
    2. Dial 0755-82984009 and specify your requirements to our special agents at your service. 
    3. E-mail us directly at the following address:
         jun.ye@kpd-ntc.com(Manager Ye)


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