• Product Inquiry Procedures of Shenzhen KPD Electronics Co., Ltd

    1.Product Information: Clients may contact the agents from the sales department for specific product requirements, and confirm the specific product specifications and models regarding regular component products. In case of customized sensors, engineering drawings for such customized products shall be sent. Further confirmation is required where clients do not have specific product information and/or are in the process of product selection.

    2.Product confirmation: Sales agents will provide feedback to the Engineering Department regarding the requirements of clients and detailed product specifications to verify whether a supply will be available inbulk. Upon verification, the Engineering Department will produce the formal product specifications to clients  for their confirmation.

    3.Quotation submission: After both parties confirm the product(s), the sales agents will submit the price quotation(s) to the Pricing Department of our Company. Upon the quotation submission, the Pricing Department will calculate and provide the price(s) to the sales agents according to the quotation procedures before such sales agents directly provide feedback to clients regarding the price(s).

    4.Sample application: After both parties confirm the price(s) without any disagreement, an application for the free sample(s) may be submitted to our Company through the Sample Application System. Each client is entitled to only ONE (1) free application for the sample(s) with a maximum number of 15 units.Sampling fees will be charged if additional samples are requested.

    5.Product trial: Agents may constantly follow up on the trial use of our sample(s) until cooperation is finally  realized.

    Should you have any questions regarding our product(s), please contact us by any of the following means:
    1. Click“QQ Product Inquiries” on the right side of the website for direct and instant online consultation.
    2. Dial 0755-82984009 and specify your requirements to our special agents at your service.
    3. E-mail us directly at the following address:
       jun.ye@kpd-ntc.com( Manager Ye)

    Contact: Shenzhen KPD Electronics Co., Ltd
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