• Following inception, KPD always adheres to the principle of sustainable development, while implementing its people-oriented corporate spirit.
    We pursue excellence over our production process, while striving for constant improvement in processing techniques that will minimize carbon emissions and production costs. In this industry, our Company is the only domestic enterprise that is simultaneously certified for CE, UL, and ROSH for its entire product lines, and strictly complies with ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems as well as ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems. Our Company is well recognized by our domestic and overseas clients, while receiving many awards from all levels of governments. Shenzhen People’s Government even awarded KPD Electronics the title “Shenzhen New High-Tech Enterprise”.
    In KPD’s perspective, “technology and the talent pool both matter”. Over decades, KPD has been encouraging its staff to realize their own values at work, focusing on construction and development of dedicated teams and self-learning organizations, and promoting technological innovation and fostering backbone professionals in the industry. With a highly efficient army of talents harmoniously collaborating with each other, KPD has built a solid keystone for long-term development.
    Against the tough international financing environment from 2008 to 2009, our Company maintained the same salary level for its staff and refused to downsize, while promoting second entrepreneurship in an adverse predicament. Such actions demonstrated the spirit of KPD staff uniting to fight hard in concert, as well as the responsible commitments of a domestically rooted enterprise towards society and its staff.

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