• Beginnings
    In 1997
    ☆ Shenzhen KPD Industries Limited was founded to distribute NTC thermistors and electronic components in domestic and overseas markets.
    In 1998  
    ☆We established cooperation with domestic enterprises for the manufacture of NTC thermistors.

    In 2003
    ☆ Shenzhen KPD Technology Development Limited was established to officially launch its research and development facilities in order to manufacture a series of NTC components.
    ☆We realized mass production of MF58 sealed glass series, MF5A epoxy-sealed series, and MF5E film series.
    ☆We were successfully certified by the ISO Quality Management Systems.
    ☆A portion of our products were the first to obtain CE, UL, and CUL certification, achieving a breakthrough in the simultaneous procurement of three top certificates amongst our counterpart products.
    In 2005
    ☆Shenzhen Technology and Information Bureau awarded us the title “Shenzhen New High-Tech Enterprise”.
    ☆We fully implemented an ecofriendly production system, enabling all series of our products to comply with the ROSH standards.
    ☆We successfully acquired office space of 300 square meters at Da Qing Building on Shennan Road.

    In 2007
    ☆ We were successfully certified for the ISO 14000 Environmental Management Systems and ISO 18000 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems.
    ☆ Through consecutive years of gradual growth, our product sales was the first to reach over 100 million units, thereby asserting our leading position in the domestic NTC industry.
    In 2008 
    ☆We invested in the development and construction of KPD Industrial Park in Huangjiang Town, Dongguan, creating the first R&D-based manufacturing base for NTC chips.
    ☆ Ten types of our products under the series of MF58 and MF5A once again were successfully certified for UL and CUL, making our Company stand out in the industry.

    In 2009
    ☆Following completion of KPD Industrial Park, our Company was successfully relocated and expanded, significantly boosting our research and development capacities.
    ☆We developed our own self-proprietary series of products to substitute Shibaura products, enhancing our competitiveness in the international market.
    In 2010 
    ☆Upon official operation of NTC sensors workshops, our production capacity for sensors exceeded 10 million units.
    In 2011 
    ☆ Originally designed and developed, our five major product series, namely, MF58, MF5A, MF5E, MF5D and NTC sensors, officially entered the international market.
    In 2014
    ☆We made a significant breakthrough in the research and development of our chip products, thereby significantly improving the precision and stability of our major products. As a result, our Company enjoys the ultimate competitive edge in the market.
    In 2015
    ☆Attended international exhibitions such as India and Czech Republic, and obtained the domestic and foreign customer's consistent high praise and the recognition.
    In 2016
    ☆Decorated the headquarter office in Shenzhen and to provide customers with a full range of pre-sale and after-sales services.
    In 2017
    ☆We attended AQUATECH CHINA in Shanghai, and our products were highly praised by customers at home and abroad.
    In 2018
    ☆We expanded overseas markets and attended different international exhibitions in England, Germany, Russia, India etc.
    In 2019
    ☆We optimized the Kingdee K/3 ERP system which improved order delivery efficiency.


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