Jason Feuilly, the son of Randy and Miladene Feuilly, was born in Fort Worth, TX, on September 6, 1983. The Feuilly family moved to Durango, Colorado in La Plata County on Jason’s 3rd birthday. The four corners area offered numerous adventure filled mountain and canyon recreational jeep trails which the Feuilly’s began to explore.

Jason’s interest in vehicles started in 1993 when he began driving go karts by age ten. At age 14 Jason delighted in driving great grandma’s car, tractor, and his cousins Ford Ranger where he could tackle rocks and washes on his Grandmother’s 120 acres in Weatherford, TX. Jason’s debut to 4 wheeling at age 15 began in Moab, UT as he drove to the Gemini Bridges for the 1st time.

It was shortly after Jason learned 4×4 driving that a memorable experience took place with his sister Clarisa in the jeep. The two were ahead of their parent’s vehicle on Imogene Pass above Ouray, Colorado on one Fourth of July. Jason’s curiosity got the best of him as he dared to see how far his 4×4 would drive up on a snow bank. As he neared the top, his jeep rolled over on its side blocking the main trail. A number of jeepers traveling that day teamed together to upright the jeep. One man exclaimed, “He’ll learn how not to do that again.” Jason just laughed as the night before he had just installed new axles and was already use to driving with ARB locker in the front, posi-track in the rear, and keeping both front and rear locked all the time. This incident he just couldn’t gas out of and he knew the challenge would present itself many times in the future.

Jason started tinkering with mechanics at Gregg Meeks shop in 1999. At 16 he started working on Saab vehicles and learned basic mechanics. He enrolled into mechanics courses in high school to further develop his skills. In 2001 what started as a senior school project with requirements for graduation of 50 hours on the job training as an intern landed Jason a part time job with Avalanche Engineering at Bayfield, Colorado. Eighteen year old Jason showed pride in his work and his position with Avalanche became full time employment.

In 2002 Jason purchased his Blue Chevy Blazer which seemed to be the ideal choice to prepare for the harder class 6-10 plus rated trails since it already had lift and lockers. Jason drove the Silent Giant which was the biggest rig in group adventure at Avalanche Ranch the next year. Avalanche Ranch is an 800 acre facility for 4×4, dirt bike, ATV riders close to Durango, Colorado. He was featured in his 1st publication with a photograph of Jason in 4-Wheel and Off-Road Magazine driving the Silent Giant a K5 Blazer.

Jason was involved at Avalanche Engineering shop working with the team to build vehicles such as the Sniper, Assassin, and the Karnivore all competition rock crawlers. John Gilleland sponsor of BFG did a promotional deal with Avalanche Engineering. It was the Karnivore Competition Rock Crawler Sweepstakes. Jason and team fabricated an S2003 competition rig that modeled after Gilleland’s custom buggy and was designed off of a hummer H2. This was the beginning of Jason’s inspiration to work on more competition based buggies. Jason began exhibition racing for Avalanche Engineering at Avalanche Ranch when he was 20 and as the youngest driver on the course, would frequently beat those with much more experience. He drove for fun engaging others to get interested in the sport and was gratified to promote racing.

During this time Jason bought a S10 Blazer, took the SK5 parts including engine, transmission, transmission case, and axles from the older vehicle and put them into the S10 Blazer. In two months he had built a new frame, roll cage, and all new suspension designing a completely different vehicle from the ground up. XRRA spread its wings and ventured into a national level with events primarily across the Southwest. It was the newly created S10 Blazer that Jason raced the following year.

As Metal Fabricator Jason was doing a bit of everything such as brackets for mounting stuff, radiator or feet mounts on a buggy, tube bumpers, roll cages, and also mechanic stuff like lift kits and suspensions. 2005 was a transition year for unique vehicle demands due to increased speed, more bump travel, and compression used when racers started eliminating ultra-low geared transfer cases and 2-speed transmissions to gain the competitive edge. On November 25, Jason also made a transition to Jimmy’s 4×4 after a former coworker from Avalanche, Mike Weaver, current race promoter for XRRA recommended him. It was at Jimmy’s that Jason built three different vehicles he raced over the next several years.

Extreme rock racing was born in 2005 and then machines built specific to rock racing came out in 2006 for the new found sport. Designed at Avalanche, Jason built the Alien. He combined two chassis to get its’ stylish body look and used an engine out of a Chevy Silverado 2500. It was April of 2006 when Jason raced Alien1 at Moab, Utah in the 1st event at area BFE during the jeep Easter Safari week. Then in June was the 2nd XRRA race at Colorado Springs, Colorado where Jason’s race time was close to the hardline boys with a score of 5:40:08. Jason raced Alien 1 a 3rd time in the July XRRA race series at the Battle Rock in Cortez, Colorado. The team spent 40 hours straight preparing for the 1st event with little sleep and some vehicle hitches. There was a great amount of excitement after finishing the 1st of 4 courses for the day.

Jason’s 4th rock race with the Alien 1 at Cedar City, UT in August became technical. Cedar City had rocks called sticky rock with lots of traction which made it more difficult to accelerate speed. The experienced drivers endeavored to choose their line more careful and avoid breaking buggies. Jason became apprehended in a hole breaking an axel but, thankfully someone had a spare he used for replacement. Jason raced the Alien 1 for a 5th and National Final XXRA race in October2006 at Colorado Springs, Colorado placing in the top 10 competitors.
Not a driver this time Jason’s buggy design made an outstanding performance in the Eastern Debut XXRA race. It was mid-October 2007 at Hazelton, Pennsylvania where five custom fabricated rigs met the challenge of numerous technical boulder fields and gooey mud pits rock crawling one obstacle at a time verses rock racing where drivers race against the clock side by side on a course. Derek West, race driver for Jimmy’s 4×4 became a consistent top three finisher. When Jason takes the wheel in 2007 Alien 1 rides again in the UROCK Cross Race series including extreme rock crawling courses in Pomona, California, Salt Lake City, Utah, and Phoenix, Arizona.

All the excitement of previous years lead to the development of Alien2 in 2008. This was Jason’s third unique 4×4 rock buggy modeled and built after an H2 Hummer. He drove it on the race course two years later. In 2009 Jason built 90% of the two seat chassis buggy with a jeep hood and Lauren Healy took first place in King of the Hammers race at Johnson Valley, California in February 2010 with this specialized buggy. During the year Jason also built another fantastic buggy which had the 1st independent front suspension IFS for Rick Dermo. Rick proceeded to be the first person with IFS to win in a rock sports event, the XRRA 2010 race season opener.

In 2010, 100% of Jason’s specialized 4×4 vehicles qualified in the top ten creeping over the Back Door obstacle on King of the Hammers race used as a qualifier. Many other buggies struggle having to be winched up over the obstructions. True to Jason pushing limits of these extreme rock performing vehicles he came up short on a jump standing his masterpiece strait up on the tailgate and back tires. This earned him Rancho Shocks Alter Your Ego Award which was given to someone that really “stood out”. This season Jason also skillfully raced his 2nd buggy the Alien 2 once again in the XXRA race at Jellico, Tennessee a quaint little town named the Gem City of the mountains.

Accommodating racers for true rock crawling Jason built a Chevy Colorado looking buggy which is a smaller version of previous vehicles in 2011. The changes enhanced quality and performance in the vehicle which takes drivers to a higher level of challenges on extreme trails. To get through things as fast as you can, racing is quite exciting but, Jason prefers rock crawling. He earned an award for “Calmest Under Pressure” when his buggy was laid sideways next to a 10 foot cliff. He simply maneuvered the jeep quite easily by turning the wheels and gassed it. Truly an amazing save!

Ram Off Road Park in Colorado Springs, Colorado became Jason’s favorite rock racing courses in 2013 because it is one of the exhilarating courses with sweeps, turns, and open area with jumps similar to a motor-cross track. It is definitely at the height of challenging courses which Jason has been successful racing on. Jason has been awarded three 1st places, two 2nd places, and one 3rd place. His points scored ranged from 50-250 points higher than other competitors for the three 1st place wins. His records shine and for a majority of races in the past four years Jason and his vehicles have placed in the top five places 75% of the time.

Rock Racing and Rock Crawling events have become increasingly popular with a range of 500 – 50,000 spectators. An average number of 20 racing buggies for rock crawling are entered into the races for 3 – 4 classes. There is a range of 20 – 350 competitors in multiple 4×4 rock racing series each year. King of the Hammers had more competitors than any other race series in the United States this year. Ultra 4 racing has Jimmy’s 4×4 Shop busy fabricating and servicing its currently fifty 4×4 cars competing in 15 – 20 series at seven different countries: United States, Canada, Mexico, Portugal, Germany, Australia, and Italy.

Accomplished Rock racer, fabricator, mechanic, and designer of rock racers/crawlers Jason and his specialized buggies have been featured over the past several years in the following publications: Crawl, Dirt Sports, Low-Range, Petersen’s 4-wheel & Off Road and websites at, Jason Feuilly continues enthusiasm for his employment by Jimmy’s 4×4. He really embraces his occupation because every day there is something different to tackle. He can take basic ideas, figure out hands on ways to design something new, change what breaks to be stronger, and design parts to be easier to work on in order to fix them quicker getting back on the race track faster. Jason’s concept is that the performance of cars should be to “point and shoot”. Point the vehicle at an obstacle and drive up it! “It’s amazing what they can drive up!” exclaims Jason.

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