Jason Feuilly is a multifaceted and talented Metal Fabricator focusing on designing 4×4 rock racing and rock crawling vehicles. Custom 4×4 Buggies he has created or modified are featured in 4-Wheel and Off-Road, Crawl, Dirt Sports, Low Range, Petersen’s 4-wheel & Off Road Magazines plus websites at offroad.com and racedesert.com.

Mr. Feuilly is an accomplished 4×4 buggy designer, fabricator, mechanic, and racer of rock crawler and rock racing vehicles which consistently have placed in the top 5 of the XRRA, XORRA, WEROCK, and UROCK Cross Race Series across the nation. He has been an outstanding key Metal Fabricator at Jimmy’s 4×4 in Cortez, Colorado for almost 10 years. 100% of Jason’s vehicles qualified in the top 10 creeping over the Back Door obstacle on King of the hammers race used as a qualifier. Jason also built a specialized rock racer for Rick Dermo which had the 1st independent front suspension IFS and won the 2009 XRRA race season opener. Prior to this Jason was involved at Avalanche Engineering shop doing fabrication with the team to build vehicles such as the Sniper, Assassin, and the Karnivore all competition rock crawlers.

This extreme 4×4 buggy sport has its alluring dangers as Jason experienced when he came up short on a jump standing his custom buggy strait up on the tailgate and back tires. This earned him Rancho Shocks Alter Your Ego Award which was given to someone that really “stood out”. To get through things as fast as you can, racing is quite exciting but, Jason prefers rock crawling. He earned an award for “Calmest Under Pressure” when his custom buggy was laid sideways next to a 10 foot cliff. He simply maneuvered the car quite easily by turning the wheels and gassed it. Truly an amazing save!

Jason Feuilly enjoys his occupation because every day he encounters something different to tackle. He can take basic ideas, kinesthetically figure out ways to design something new, change what breaks to be stronger and easier to work on in order to fix parts quicker and get back on the race track faster. Jason’s concept is that the performance of vehicles should be point and shoot. Point the custom buggy at an obstacle and drive up it! “It’s amazing what they can drive up!” exclaims Jason.

Jason began exhibition racing for Avalanche Engineering at Avalanche Ranch when he was 20 and as the youngest race driver on the course, would frequently beat race drivers with much more experience. Then Rock Racing and Rock Crawling events become increasingly popular with a range of 500 – 50,000 spectators attending the XRRA, XORRA, WEBROCK, and UROCK series. An average number of 20 vehicles for rock crawling are entered into the races for 3 – 4 classes. A range of 20 – 350 competitors are in multiple 4×4 rock racing series each year. In Ultra 4 racing King of the Hammers had more competitors than any other race series in the United States this year. Jason’s years of race driving experience has awarded him three 1st places, two 2nd places, and one 3rd place. His points scored ranged from 50-250 points higher than other competitors for the three 1st place wins.

Currently, Jimmy’s 4×4 in Cortez, Colorado has fifty cars competing in 15 – 20 series at six different countries: United States, Canada, Mexico, Portugal, Germany, Australia, and Italy. Jason Feuilly is an integral part of the shop’s success with his skills of fabrication creating unbelievable unique buggy designed machines, his racing enthusiasm, and his ability to be a master of his trade in all areas.